AMA with Professor Federico Rossano

Professor Federico Rossano answered the public’s questions about the dog cognition project, TheyCanTalk, during a live Ask-Me-Anything. Check out this video to learn more about cognition, language learning and communication in dogs and non-human primates! If you have any further questions for Professor Rossano, please reach out via social media or email!

Collaboration with FluentPet

CCL is in collaboration with FluentPet to determine whether, and if so, how and how much non-humans are able to express themselves in language-like ways.

Bunny, a famous talking dog, is one of the participants in a large scale study currently enrolling hundreds of participants on how dogs are using soundboards from FluentPet to communicate with human and how does this change their communicative abilities. It is a development of a tool used with children with communicative difficulties and similar tools have been used with non-human primates in the past. We are working both on the memory aspects and especially on the linguistic aspects (e.g. how they combine words to produce utterances, how quickly they learn new words, what kind of things they communicate about, etc.).

You can find more information about the research process here:

You can purchase a soundboard here:

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CCL in La Grange, Texas

CCL had the fantastic opportunity to run our studies in La Grange, Texas, to compare urban San Diego results with a more rural population. We sent four Research Assistants for a little over a week to run Gender Study, Tolerance Study, Public Goods Game, and Missing Puzzle Piece (MPUZ). With four schools graciously allowing us to visit, we collected 129 data points!

After testing everyday, our RAs had the opportunity to explore life in La Grange. They went tubing, enjoyed lots of barbecue and cheesecake! Thank you to all of our hosts in La Grange! We hope to come back soon!